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I offer workshops for groups, organizations, businesses, and agencies.  My emphasis is on the development of practical  and creative ideas, skills, plans, solutions, and results, so I use a format that is interactive and collaborative.  I include exercises, discussions, brainstorming sessions, and lectures in order to help you reach your goals.  I design each workshop topic, content, and format to meet your unique needs. 

Areas of Expertise:
* Intuition
* Dreams
* Spiritual Development
* Consciousness
* Creativity
* Holistic Health
* Personality
* Relationships

To arrange a workshop for your group, organization, business, or agency:
                        Call: (707) 588-0725
                        E-Mail: dr.dfsowerby@earthlink.net

Note: Dr. Sowerby is not a California licensed Psychologist


Next Workshop:

Intuition and Healing: Creating the Life of Your Dreams  
In this experiential workshop, you will learn both introductory and advanced concepts in how to access and apply your intuition in order to heal your body, mind, spirit, and all aspects of your life.  David F. Sowerby, Ph.D. will share his own healing journey and discuss how he was guided by 83 dreams to write his book, Intuition and Dreams: How to Realize Your Healing Potential in all Areas of Life.  Dr. Sowerby will explain how intuition shows up in our waking lives and at night during our dreams to provide us with guidance.  He will teach you how you can intentionally access this healing inspiration via meditation and how to deliberately invoke intuitive dreams.   

To further practice tapping into your intuition and allowing it guide you, Jen Julius, MA will lead you through a meditation and assist you in accessing your intuition as you create a Vision Board attuned to your conscious and unconscious desires. By allowing your intuition to take the lead as you seek out images that represent what you want to attract in your life, you will have the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on your dreams and goals, and be on the path to making them a reality. You will be assisted in recognizing the themes that arise, taught methods to help you manifest what you desire, and leave the workshop with your unique Vision Board for your unique life!  

: Songbird Community Healing Center, 8297 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, CA, 94931

Date & Time
: Saturday, October 18, 2014, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Workshop Package Cost
: $199, which includes:       
* The full-day workshop packed with information and experiential exercises      
* All of the materials needed to construct your Vision Board      
* A signed copy of Dr. Sowerby’s book: Intuition and Dreams: How to Realize Your Healing Potential in all Areas of Life      
* A private follow-up 30-minute coaching call with Jen to further understand and implement the tools and ideas discussed  

To Register
: Contact Jen: jen@jenjulius.com or (707) 595-0830

David F. Sowerby, Ph.D.
is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Psychology Departments at Sonoma State University and Dominican University of California.  He is also a Consultant, and has been serving individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, and agencies for over 30 years.  Dr. Sowerby has published research in the areas of intuition and hypnosis, and is the author of a book on intuition, dreams, and healing.  He has taught psychology at various San Francisco Bay Area universities and graduate schools; been interviewed on television, radio, podcasting, and for newspapers; worked as a Psychotherapist (in Canada), Manager, and Sports Instructor; served on community development councils (local and national); and played competitive sports (local, interstate, and international).

Jen Julius, MA
is a Life Coach, Speaker, and Workshop Leader, helping people find clarity, improve their communication skills, and build the confidence needed to achieve their goals. She is also host of the radio show “Inspiration and Information” on KOWS 107.3FM and is committed to spreading truth by making complex (and often controversial) topics real, relative, and clear. With an extensive professional background working with students, families, and incarcerated youth and adults, plus a personal background of battling an eating disorder, addiction, and unhealthy relationships, Jen believes that everyone has a story, but we also have a choice in how we create our lives today and tomorrow. For more information about Jen Julius, see: www.jenjulius.com or like her on Facebook at: www.fb.me/JenJuliusCoaching